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Additional Info

Home  >  WileyX Twisted Black Ops Prescription Safety Glasses

WileyX Twisted Black Ops Prescription Safety Glasses

WileyX Twisted Black Ops Prescription Safety Glasses
Price: $119.00

Wiley-X Twisted Black Ops Matte Black frame with accessories. Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards when fitted with optional polycarbonate lens (sold below).

Image above is shown with the optional dark gray tint.

Max. Sph. + Cyl. Frame Size
Additional Data
+2.0 to -3.5 Lens Width "Eye Size": 65mm
Bridge Width: 17mm
Length of Side "Temple Length":120mm
Lens Height "B Measurement": 27.2mm
Frame Width: 146mm
Fits: Most Medium to Large Faces
Accessories Included: Case, Cord, Soft Case

Select Lens:

Single Vision (+ $35)           Bifocal FT-35 (+ $45)                 Progressive Bifocal(+ $85)

Required Options for Prescription Glasses:

Sphere Cylinder Axis Bifocal - If Prescribed By Doctor
OD/Right Bifocal/Right
OS/Left Bifocal/Left

REQUIRED Pupil Distance Binocular - if one number is shown on your Rx (ex: 65):

Optional: Pupil Distance Monocular - if two numbers are shown on your Rx (ex: 32.0 & 32.5):

PD/Right PD/Left

Lens Material:

Standard Plastic (+ $5.00)         Polycarbonate (+ $15.00)            High Index Plastic (+ $40.00)        


Clear (+ $0.00)
Transitions Brown (+ $50.00)
Transitions Gray (+ $50.00)
Polarized Gray (+ $50.00)
Polarized Brown(+ $50.00)
DriveWear(+ $85.00)
Light Gray(+ $10.00)
Dark Gray(+ $10.00)
Tan C(+ $10.00)
Green C/G-15(+ $10.00)
Yellow(+ $12.00)

Laser Name Labeling - Enter your name or mssg. in the box below. (30 char. max.):

Laser Name Labeling (+ $30.00)


Anti-Reflective Coating(+ $50.00)
Anti-Fog/Anti-Reflective Coating(+ $65.00)
Scratch Coating(+ $10.00)
UV Protection(+ $10.00)
Red Mirror Coating(+ $50.00)
Blue Mirror Coating(+ $50.00)
Silver Mirror Coating(+ $50.00)


Cotton Eyeglass Cord (+ $7.99)
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth(+ $1.99)
Anti-Fog Cleaning Solution (+ $6.99)
Eyeglass Maintenance Kit (+ $7.99)
Hard Storage Case(+ $10.00)


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