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Prescription Laser Protective Eyewear

We process prescriptions into several of our glass laser safety filters at our state-of-the-art optical lab. These filters are then installed in several of our most popular ANSI Approved laser safety frames. If you need prescription glasses and laser safety, browse our selection here to see if your filter is available in prescription. All prescription laser glasses are polished and edged to rigid ANSI Z80.1, Z136.1, and Z136.3 standards.

AKG-5 Prescription Laser  Eyewear AKG-5 Prescription Laser Eyewear
Price: $440.00
Code: PLS-KG5
View Product
Alexandrite-Diode Prescription Laser Eyewear Alexandrite-Diode Prescription Laser Eyewear
Price: $420.00
Code: PLS-BG38
View Product
Co2/Eximer Prescription Laser Eyewear Co2/Eximer Prescription Laser Eyewear
Price: $185.00
Code: PLS-CD2
View Product
Flashlamp/IPL Prescription Laser Eyewear Flashlamp/IPL Prescription Laser Eyewear
Price: $325.00
Code: PLS-FL37
View Product
DYE-CE Prescription Laser Eyewear DYE-CE Prescription Laser Eyewear
Price: $375.00
Code: DYE-CE
View Product

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