Co2/Excimer Prescription Laser Safety Glasses 10600-10600nm OD 6+ VLT = 82%


The laser filter Co2/Excimer is available with Single Vision or FT28 Bifocal lenses. Please use the  menu below to select the frames style you want. See the list below for the protection levels:

Please click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the image above to view frame information

OD 5+ 190-370nm
OD 6+ 10600-10600nm
VLT = 82%

OD/Right Sphere *

OD/Right Cylinder *

OD/Right Axis *

OS/Left Sphere *

OS/Left Cylinder *

OS/Left Axis *



Pupil Distance Binocular – if one number is shown on your Rx


PD/Right (If two numbers are shown on your Rx)

PD/Left (If two numbers are shown on your Rx)

Laser Name Labeling – Enter your name or message. in the box below





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