LaserRad Combination Protection |

LaserRad™ combination laser and radiation safety glasses offer the operator the protection and convenience of radiation and laser filtering in a single pair of glasses. For use during C-Arm Fluoroscopy imaging procedures using surgical lasers. The Schott SF6HT leaded glass lenses use ultra-refined lead oxide, for unsurpassed protection and optical clarity. Our laser/radiation protective glasses provide up to 20% more light transmission than any other leaded glass lenses. Our x-ray radiation leaded glasses comes standard with .75 Pb Lead Equivalency, 1.80 High-Index High-Lite Transmission Lenses. The Holmium,YAG and Co2 glass lenses provide protection in the 800-10600Nm range with 84% VLT and OD of 5+ to 7+.

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