IPL-AID™ Disposable IPL and Derm patient eye protection -Compare to Honeywell Disposable Eye Shield



IPL-AID™ is here! The protection you know from the industry’s top laser safety experts.

The best disposable laser eye shield on the market, IPL-AID™ was designed for med spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, anyone using IPL or BBL devices. Compare to Honeywell, IPL-AID™ allows you to treat directly around the orbital rim with a disposable eye shield. With goggles, straps and brow bars impede your ability to treat close to the eye. With IPL-AID™, you have full protection without worrying about mobility, and have access to more treatable area on the patient. IPL-AID™ is the gold-standard for disposable eye shields in the industry.

IPL-AID™ features and benefits

  • This product is conducive to accessing the bridge of the nose (inner canthus) and temples, which allows the clinician to operate smoothly around the designated area
  • Eye shields have an easy peel adhesive backing
  • For use with IPL devices and microdermabrasion
  • Easy to apply and comfortable
  • Tab for easy removal or repositioning, hypoallergenic, designed to protect most orbital sizes

Disposable Eye Shield for IPL treatment

Compare to Honeywell Disposable Eye Shield

Protection Levels: 190-1,400nm OD 4

PACKAGING: 50 Pair/Box

Part Number: 815972



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