Super-Lightweight Holmium/YAG OD 5+ @ 1980-2550 nm VLT 55% CE Certified HOLPOLY Laser Safety Glasses.


Super-Lightweight (1.4 oz.) Over-The-Glasses (OTG) Goggle with flex temples


This laser and glare protection OTG shield is characterized by an innovative temple design. With respect to optical imaging quality the F22 frame is breaking new ground by using the “Advanced Optics by Science” product design which exceeds present day standards such as EN166, ANSI Z87 etc. The wavefront-optimized high-res shield offers distortion-free imaging quality and fatigue-proof seeing due to its continuous single polycarbonate shield that provides a broad field of vision  without any restriction by a frame and its super-lightweight design. This spectacle comes with Holmium/YAG absorption filters. The frame can be worn alone or over most prescription glasses. The features are extremely low weight (1.4 oz.) and flexible temples that provide a nearly ideal fit to every shape of head. The integral side and top shields provide excellent coverage protection.

OD 4+ @ 1800-3000 nm
OD 5+ @ 1980-2550 nm
OD 6+ @ 10600nm

VLT 55%

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