LaserRad™ Combined Laser/Radiation Protective Eyewear YAG-Alex Diode


LaserRad™ Combined Laser/Radiation Protective Eyewear YAG-Alex Diode – Combination YAG, Diode laser/radiation protective glasses in one lens.

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LaserRad™ protective eyewear offers Laser and Radiation protection in a single lens.

For operator eye protection during procedures using C-Arm Fluoroscopy and Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode Lasers.

  • Made with Highest-Quality Glass Lenses from Schott®North America
  • Frame styles to choose from: Wrap-Around, Wrap-Around PLUS, Fit-Over Rx and Adjustable Temples
  • Schott® Radiation Lens Lead Equivalency: .75mm (+/- .05) Pb glass
  • Schott® Radiation Lens Attenuation: 95% radiation reduction at 125 KVP Direct Beam (+/- 0.5)
  • Glasses come with a one year warrantee on materials and workmanship (see website for details)
  • ANSI Z-87 Approved Frames
  • Includes Hard case, soft case/cleaning cloth, adjustable eyeglass retainer cord
    USA Acute-Care Hospitals are purchase order approved. Click here for details. 

    LaserRad™ with Multiwave YAG, Alexandrite Diode Filter



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