Prescription Safety Glasses RX-EX601


This newly released model has a stylish, wrap-around look.  It features a flatter lens pocket to accommodate most prescriptions, a rubber bridge and temples for a comfortable, secure fit and an optional (sold below) removable/replaceable foam gasket, making it perfect for dusty environments. ANSI Z87+ Approved.


Frame Color * 

Lens Type * 


Lens Material * 


Lens Coatings


Anti-Reflective Lens Coating


Lens Color

OD/Right Sphere * 

OD/Right Cylinder * 

OD/Right Axis * 

OS/Left Sphere * 

OS/Left Cylinder * 

OS/Left Axis * 



Pupil Distance Binocular – if one number is shown on your Rx * 


PD/Right (Optional. If two numbers are shown on your Rx)

PD/Left (Optional. If two numbers are shown on your Rx)

Laser Name Labeling – Enter your name or message. in the box below





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