Elite Splash Safety Glasses


The Elite™ is a low-profile, wraparound style that provides excellent optical clarity and peripheral splash protection. Snug-fitting and lightweight with soft rubberized temples and side ventilation for long-duration comfort. The matte black rubberized frame provides a sure grip.

The premium-quality frame is ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified for OSHA & ANSI standards.  The Rx-Quality CLEAR Polycarbonate Lenses are made on our prescription safety lens line.

Our optional Anti-Fog Permanent Coating  works by chemically affecting the adhesion of water molecules, preventing them grouping into larger clusters that can impair vision.

The optional Anti-Reflective Coating eliminates the distracting glare that can be produced by light when it reflects through your lenses.

Comes with a hard storage case, a soft case/lens cloth and an adjustable retainer cord.


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Elite Splash Safety Glasses – Elite splash safety glasses offer excellent peripheral protection with its wrap-around frame design.