X-Ray Radiation Leaded Face Shield, Full


X-Ray Radiation Leaded Face Mask, Full – Full and Half radiation face shields.


The Full Panorama Mask consists of a Radiation Protective Lead Impregnated Acrylic Shield that is suspended from an adjustable headpiece. The stationary acrylic shield extends from a headpiece brow connector for a length of 8 inches from top to bottom in front of the entire face. A support strap saddles the crown of the head while connecting at a 90° angle to an adjustable headband that surrounds the head circumference from brow to back.. The circumference portion of the headband has a dial adjustable strap in the rear to increase or decrease the hat size for a comfortable snug fit.

Front lens is equivalent to 0.1mm Pb.
Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Abrasive materials may scratch front lens.
Can not be sterilized with high temperature or high pressure.
Weight: 395 grams