RG-820 X-Ray Radiation Leaded Eyewear


The RG Fulcrum provides all the great features of a High Quality Wrap Around Safety Frame: Large lens size for good visibility, unifit nylon frame for durability, wrap around frame design for peripheral protection, rubber nose pads and a Secure Fit nose Bridge. This frame is best for Large face sizes.

Our optional Anti-Reflective with Super Hydrophobic Coating is a premium A/R coating with a Super Hydrophobic topcoat that helps protect the A/R coating from the outside, encapsulating it in a manner that promotes longer Anti-Reflective life. Besides protecting the lens from water, the super hydrophobic coating makes the lens easier to clean.

The optional Leaded Side Shields provide lateral eye radiation protection and are made with nylon covered leaded vinyl. They provide optimum hygiene properties and can be replaced when necessary. They have a Leaded Equivalency of 0.25mmPb .

Comes with a hard storage case, a soft case/lens cloth and an adjustable retainer cord.

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RG-Fulcrum™ X-Ray Radiation Leaded Eyewear