RG-Element 52 Prescription X-Ray Radiation Leaded Eyewear


The RG-Element has features that you would expect to find in more expensive models. This ANSI Approved frame comes with a silicone non-slip unifit bridge for increased comfort, and durable temple arms for lasting service. This model provides excellent peripheral vision and protection with its leaded glass side “windows”.
The RG-Element is fitted with the exclusive Schott SF6HT leaded glass lenses that provide up to 20% more light transmission than standard leaded glass lenses. This radiation protective eyewear is standard with .75 Pb Lead Equivalency, 1.80 High-Index High-Lite Transmission Lenses.
Standard accessories include a storage case, a soft case/lens cleaning cloth, and an adjustable eyeglass cord.

The optional Leaded Side Shields provide lateral eye radiation protection and are made with nylon covered leaded vinyl. They provide optimum hygiene properties and can be replaced when necessary. They have a Leaded Equivalency of 0.25mmPb .

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