Spy Rebar Prescription Safety Glasses


The Spy Rebar Safety Glasses are durable, high-quality, and prescription available.  The Spy Glasses are made from Grilamid, a patented virtual indestructible material, these safety glasses have high levels of protection and low levels of maintenance. The SPY Rebar is a wrap around full-frame that features a saddle bridge, rubber nose pads, and UV protection. These Spy Rx Safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 approved. The Rebar Safety Glasses are available with a polarization Lens, which blocks over 99% of the surface glare and is layered and sealed within SPY’s lenses to prevent scratching, delaminating, and hazing of your polarized filter. In addiction, these glasses offer ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses that are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, providing crystal-clear distortion-free vision while reducing eyestrain.

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