Vanalay Laser Vee-Shield Disposable Patient Eye Protection


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Disposable Laser Vee-Shields provide patient protection from all medical lasers from 190nm-11,000nm.

The NEW White Flex Foam Disposable Laser Vee-Shields have additional adhesive and more flexibility. The Flex Foam protective layer provides additional protection if a laser strike should occur. The comfort adhesive layer makes for trouble-free application, adjustment, and removal without damaging eyelashes. Latex-free and hypoallergenic.

​The Laser Vee Shield has White Flex Foam to give it more flexibility.  It’s made with a “Pressure Sensitive Adhesive”.  So the firmer you press, the better it sticks.  If you have a short procedure, you can press lightly for a “light” stick. The product has been tested and is CE certified to protect for wavelengths from 190-11000nm.  Each pair of Laser Vee Shields are adhered to a white liner paper that also has the wavelength protection.




24 Pair/Box







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Material Safety Data Sheet:

Laser Eye Shields MSDS.pdf

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  1. Clean and dry skin
  2. Remove product from paper pouch
  3. Separate the shield from the liner to expose the adhesive
  4. Gently peel off after each use and dispose

Please store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight, with temperatures between 32-95º F (0-35º C). Expire 2 years after Manufacture date.
Patent Pending

How do you apply Vee-Shields?
  1. Clean the patient’s orbital area for a better application.
  2. Grab one of the Vee-Shields with the winged-side pointing out and up and remove the adhesive.
  3. Ask your patient to look up toward the ceiling.
  4. Carefully apply the shield to their nose bridge and under-eye area.
  5. Ask your patient to close their eyes.
  6. Seal the shield onto the orbital area with your hand to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive.
  7. Double-check the seal.
  8. Use the corresponding Vee-shield of each set and repeat on the other eye.

Always dispose after each use.

Will Vee-Shields stick to eyelashes?

No, if applied correctly Vee-Shields should not stick to eyelashes. The center of the Vee-Shield has no adhesive.

Do IPL Vee-Shields offer protection from laser(s)?

No, only Laser Vee-Shields provide protection from lasers.

Can you use Laser Vee-Shields for IPL procedures?

Yes, Laser Vee-Shields can be used for both laser and IPL procedures.

How many pairs are in each Vee-Shield box?

Laser Vee-Shields have 24 pairs per box, while IPL Vee-Shields have 50 pairs per box.

Can you re-use Vee-Shields?

No, Vee-Shields are single-use.

Do Vee-Shields have an expiration date?

Yes, Vee-Shields expire 2 years after manufacturing. Each box is clearly marked.


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