Welcome to our Blocky Skin Shields promotion page!

We are happy to offer you this promotion to thank you for your Blocky Skin Shields purchase and to give you the opportunity to trial our Laser and IPL Vee-Shields for free. We hope that after you have trialed the product, you will come back to us for more. As always, we appreciate your feedback or comments.

Our Blocky promotion gives one free box of either IPL or Laser Vee-Shields with the purchase of one or more boxes of Blocky Skin Shields. The free box of the Laser or IPL Vee-Shields will ship Free along with the purchased Blocky Skin Shields. The maximum number of free boxes of the Laser or IPL Vee-Shields is limited to one. This promotion is limited to the first 100 purchases of the Blocky/ Laser combination and the first 100 purchases of the Blocky/IPL combination. The promotion will end when the purchase quantities cited are met and/or at 60 days from the promotion start date. No advanced notification of the promotion end status will be made.

To select the Free Box, fill-out the Request Samples Form and select either Laser Vee-Shield or IPL Vee-Shield. We will ship the samples along with your order of Blocky.

Again, thank you for your purchase of the Blocky Skin Shields and we hope you and your patients enjoy the products.